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    To fully analyze your issue, we'd need more details. What wallet did you use when creating your seed/phrase ? What does your seed/phrase consist of (english words, random characters, ..) ? And what wallet gives you the message of a wrong phrase ? Please answer these questions. It simplifies...
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    Are forums still profitable

    Forums aren't profitable, even reddit struggles to become profitable. That isn't what forums are about, they're about creating a community. Can you compete against reddit and 8chan? Absolutely, they're two very different sites. There are thousands of successful forums in existence operating...
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    Is Dropshipping Business Dead or Still Profitable in 2020?

    Dropshipping works fine in 2020. But you have to focus on building a brand more than just a store nowadays. People know what most spammy stores are up to now which makes it harder to do churn and burn stores. If you want to succeed you will need to do it right as if you were a REAL BRAND...
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    is blogging still profitable

    Definitely, if you are using it for affiliate marketing for a particular niche. The key is to become the authority in your niche. I think one of the common mistakes is that most bloggers want to jump straight into monetizing and flood their blog with affiliate links, without laying the...
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    Are microniche sites still profitable !!!

    It really depends on how exactly you establish the site. But everything works if done the right way and never leave the site with just 5 articles, keep it growing until you hit a maximum of 200 articles. Hope that helps!
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    Is Affiliate Marketing Still Profitable In 2020

    Affiliate marketing is not dead and won't be for the foreseeable future, there are still plenty of free methods that can drive highly targeted traffic that converts. But you have to put in the work, my motto is - throw as much shit as you can and hope something sticks, if you find something that...
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    is an online forum really profitable?

    yes, but the amount of work involved is far more than running a blog. i ran a couple of forums which made good money but I was constantly trying to promote and keep the forum active. mind you, I knew nothing about keyword research/seo back then, so it might be easier if you do all that right.
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    Is Propeller Ads the best alternative to Google AdSense?

    No, it is not. It is one alternative but not by itself. The best you can do is to combine different networks on your website. I’d use Outbrain/Taboola for native ads (or Mgid if you are not big enough). I’d go for Richpush or Megapush for sending push notification ads. And BcnMonetize for...
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    What are the alternatives of Google AdSense?

    There are plenty of alternatives to AdSense. Although I don’t know why you’re moving away from AdSense and what are your exact goals, I would quote some recommended ones: Very similar to Google AdSense but only works on Yahoo/Bing Network. So recommended for only those locations...
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    Can I use AdSense and propeller ads at the same time on my website?

    yes that is possible and you can definitely can use it. Suggestion : Not to use it Reason : Your website will be less user friendly and increase the bounce rate will decrease the amount you earning. Users are already frustrate with the ads (personal I do not like FB ads in between the video)...
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    Is Paid Backlinks Good for my website?

    You shouldnt do it mate I did a search on my banklinks with Semrush and all paid links were listed as red. That particular website had a big fall in seo and i could not explain it. Checking the backlinks, i have noticed that a "submit link website" where i paid 30 euro for a link (very...
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    XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it ( Solution )

    Enable stylesheet for XML sitemap: enable XSL stylesheet is checked.
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    What are best tools for SEO?

    Are you referring to paid tools or free tools?
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    Looking for Food Niche Blogs for Guest posting.

    Is your blog a new blog? and what's the DA of your blog?
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    Any Other Platform For Marketing?

    Facebook and Pinterest is fine if you make use of them very well
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    How to generate traffic from USA, CANADA & AUSTRALIA

    3 most important things to follow in order to get traffic from USA and Canada. 1. Focus on content related to USA and Canada 2. Your website server location should be in USA or Canada 3. Get backlinks from USA or Canada based sites. This will get your website ranked in USA and Canada and you...
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    How to increase Blog traffic?

    To Increase traffic to your website you should follow these techniques: 1. Social bookmarking 2. Forum postings 3. Participating in question and answer websites 4. Blog creation and blog commenting 5. Guest posting 6. Image sharing 7. Article/classified submissions 8. Document/Video submissions...