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    Hello friends i have Bout 9BTC in my wallet of which I'm unable to get private key so it is telling it's nonspendable and can be spent only with a private key I appreciate your replies
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    Is Propeller Ads the best alternative to Google AdSense?

    Is Propeller Ads the best alternative to Google AdSense? if no, which one is Alternative to google
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    What are the alternatives of Google AdSense?

    Have applied for Google Adsense so many times but they keep rejecting my request for no reason. what's the best Google Adsense Alternative please.
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    Can I use AdSense and propeller ads at the same time on my website?

    Hello Guys, I just want to confirm if i can use use AdSense and propeller ads at the same time on my website? will google ban my adsense Account?
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    Domains appearing to be banned by google

    This is informational...I was in the middle of making a sale for one of my domains and we were about to close and they suddenly backed out. The web pro told the buyer that the domain was banned by google....of course I was upset, worried, you name the emotions... Time for research: Reading an...
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    Is long Domain Name Name Good?

    A friend of mine has told me that my domain ( validrealestategreenland) is too long. Is he right?
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    Is Paid Backlinks Good for my website?

    Hi All, I have a question regarding paid backlinks. If I purchase some backlinks for my company that will worth or not. This is the first time I am thinking about to purchase backlinks but I am a little confused that paid backlinks will worth it or not. Please put the comments if anybody has...
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    Disavow Bad Links

    Hi Anyone had bad experiences with disavowing bad links? I notice bad links appearing out of nowhere. I did not post it but i find my website listed all over the world. I cant remove this links manual because i did not have access to those blogs and websites & asking the website owners to...
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    Should Domain Name including ‘and’?

    Should the word ‘and’ be included in your domain? Example……. or
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    XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it ( Solution )

    I know very little of xml, almost nothing and now I've to deal with a website which allows me to upload any kind of file, but when I visit the link that points to that file I see this message This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is...
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    What are best tools for SEO?

    What tools are best for SEO please guide... I am new to Seo.
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    Looking for Food Niche Blogs for Guest posting.

    Looking for good food niche blogs for guest posting and a do-follow link. Domain Rating (Ahrefs) 30 and above. Please post below if you have. Thank
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    How Does Ebay works and How can i make money there

    Hi everybody i have some questions about ebay s mechanics - how does ebay protect thier buyers if the seller didnt send the item to the buyer how could they know ? does the seller gets his money immediately after the buyer send them ? from where they gets the money for the guaranties if the...
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    How to generate traffic from USA, CANADA & AUSTRALIA

    Share best methods of getting quality traffic from countries like USA, Australia, Canada, France and spain
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    How to increase Blog traffic?

    How to increase traffic? my website getting ranking on 1st page in top 5 but not getting more traffic. our website related to website designing and development. thanks
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    HOW TO AVOID, RECOGNISE AND REPORT SCAM EMAIL.. This unrecognized activity is called phishing. Phishing is a special kind of social engine attack where people use means to steal data base from people by requesting for social account details and credit card number. Several hackers have discovered...
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    URL shortened URLs hit by bots.what to do?

    HI so I use bitly url shortener to shorten my urls on my site. However just today I noticed that each of the shortened bitly links were showing huge number of hits which are way above normal daily activity. What should I do to stop this bot traffic? I don't have access to access-logs for now...
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    Any Other Platform For Marketing?

    Hy Everyone, Im Working On Facebook,Twitter,Pinterest For Getting Organic Traffic For My Website. Please Here Anyone Tell Me Any Other Better Social Media Marketing Plateform For Marketing And Get More Organic Traffic For My Site. Thanks You So Much For Your Time