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An affiliate website is a site that affiliate products. These products can be digital or physical but most of these sites promote physical products.
There are different ways of making money online and one best way is through passive income. Through passive income, you only have to do something once and get paid repeatedly. Affiliate website is one way to earn passive income.

ShareASale features a wide range marketplace with quite a number of merchants to cater to almost everything one can think of. The products are always relevant to promote and they have been in the business for 17 years now.
Flexible pay-out. Their digital payment option makes them stand out from the rest, and this is also a plus mark for them. They also offer standard pay-out options.
Wide range of product selections. As you pick and choose which merchants to work with, there’s a large library of products you can also choose from to promote.
It takes a reasonable amount of time to set up and it’s not as straightforward as those of its competitors. This is a major issue, but it somewhat requires a bit technical know-how.

Amazon is a household name and everyone knows Amazon. This is an online marketplace that can boast to deliver anything to your door in a day. There’s space for every niche on amazon. Amazon is a great place to start your journey as an affiliate marketer.
There’s up to 10% commission on any qualifying product sale made, that comes from your link.
All purchases the referred traffic make on Amazon, even if it’s not the product you linked to, count towards your affiliate revenue.
The affiliate cookies on amazon website lasts only 24hrs, any purchase made after that period wont result in revenue.
Limited pay-out options. The available payment options are by cheque, bank transfer or Amazon gift card. They are yet to integrate digital pay-out option.

the ebay partner network tool allows you to market and sell items on their ebay platform by finding a listing you want to promote and promote them using the partners network tool and getting paid.
This is a user based marketplace where people from different places sell any legal product one can think of. This is a diverse marketplace. It’s a straightforward affiliate sales process.
There are no complex rules to follow, you just simply share or post your share-link for the product listing and you earn if anyone buys off it. The commission is doubled for the first 3 months. Earning extra revenue is quite a nice thing.
If a bidding auction takes more than 10 days to end, you will not earn anything – even if the winning bidder comes from you. This is the downside to auctioning.

Shopify is one of the leading eCommerce software used by bloggers and online retailers. As a blogger yourself, you’re likely familiar with it. So, for those of you in niches where your audience will also be trying to sell online, Shopify is a great affiliate partnership for you to point them to.
You earn a lot per referral. You earn the first two months of your referral’s subscription fee (200% bounty), up to $598 on standard plans. 100% bounty on the enterprise plan which pays $2,000.
It’s a platform worth referring people to. Shopify is the leading contender in its space. Very few other eCommerce platforms come close.
It’s pretty niche. While the payout is great, your audience needs to be selling things online for Shopify to ever be relevant to them.

Click bank is synonymous to ShareASale. This is a market place where you have access to a wide range of things based on audience you find interest.
When you are using click bank, there is always something to promote. Database is easy to use and has quick access. With click bank navigation around any listing and promotion of product is easy.
The payment options are limited to Checks, Direct Deposit, Wire Transfers or Payoneer. There is need for more digital payment options. There is a $150 maximum earning limit per sales referral, regardless of the product sold.