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Domains appearing to be banned by google


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This is informational...I was in the middle of making a sale for one of my domains and we were about to close and they suddenly backed out. The web pro told the buyer that the domain was banned by google....of course I was upset, worried, you name the emotions...

Time for research:
Reading an article I found that if you type site:domainname.com, it will tell you if your domain is indexed. If its not indexed, sites like ismywebsitepenalized.com will come back as "definitelypenalized". Other sites such as bannedcheck.com or isbanned.com came back fine.

I did research and found that new domains that haven't been indexed by google may comeback as banned on a few of the free checkers.

Resolution: I went to my webmaster tools, and added the site while it was still parked at the register. I verified it using the domain name provider method and now site:domainname.com is showing up...hence google WILL show my domain when searched, therefore NOT BANNED! Changed my nameservers back to efty and they show up in google.

I've decided to do this with all my domains to avoid any future confusion.......still waiting for the sale to go through, but I know she still wants it, we're just waiting for the web pro to give her the go ahead....I don't see a problem now, but what a scare

FYI (ismywebsitepenalized.com is still coming back definitely banned)...don't know if this site is as good or what, but when I type in the domain W/O "site:" it comes up just fine, where before I did the webmaster tools, I got nothing....