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Contents are familiar terms to a blog. Blogs are synonymous with online content. Having good contents on your blog is not really easy to achieve now a days. Many people are asking “how do you write them?

How to Write Content for a Blog: 6 Simple Tips to Start Using Now

Everyone have their special understanding about blog content and how to write them. If you want to learn the simple 6 steps, follow the steps below and give your blog a transforming look after now.

Step 1: Know Your Audience

The first step is to understand and know your audience. Knowing your audience is an essential start up point for writing good blogs. Your audience defines your contents, topic and pattern of writing.

If you have been writing without understanding your audience interest, then it is time to try the audience interest method. Know who you are writing for, what they want and when they want and you will discover that you have better content in your blog.

Step 2: Spend the Time to Craft Great Topics

Your choice of Topics are the lifeblood of your blog that is why you should pay a lot of attention to crafting out amazing topics. There are several sources you can get topics from online if crafting good topic seems difficult for you.

Research topics that have great idea and amazing information. Go for a topic that will attract readers to know more about. Consider the audience you are writing for and select topics that fit perfectly to what they will love to read about.

Step 3: Make Your Hook Captivating

The opening part of any content determines if a reader will be interested in knowing more or if a reader will desire to read post to the end. The hook or introductory part should be as good as possible and should carry very informative and educating idea.

After considering or understanding what the audience want, it is important to come up with contents that will appeal to them. If a post does not seek to solve the problem of the reader or audience, then such a post is considered not good enough. To get a good content for your blog, pay attention to writing captivating hooks.

Step 4: Organize Your Blogs to Make Them More Readable

When your aim is to have good contents on your blog, one of the lookout for should be having readable contents. A good Readability is determined by the writers’ ability to incorporate SEO techniques such as keywords, word structures, paragraphing, use of punctuation and more into your writing.

A lot of people bypass the idea that organizing and optimizing blogs is essential that is why they end up having poor readability. If you desire blog content to be as readable as possible, organize them into small, readable sizes and less complicated information

Step 5: Write Evergreen Content

Do you know what evergreen contents means? They are content that audience can visit at any time and count on it reliability. It is a unique kind of content that earns views long after the time of publication.

After understanding what Evergreen content mean, it will be nice to publish such content on your blog as it will boost your content strategy.

Step 6: Keep Writing

Content writing can become very difficult and stressful along the line but it is important not to give up. Giving up your writing desire is not a better option. Find something or develop a strategy that works for you to keep you writing. You can however, check out some blog post or share writing ideas with other people.


Content creation is not a very easy task but with the steps above, you can achieve a very good result. The above guide and steps have been listed it to help you plan and design your blogging interest and most importantly, to help you achieve some good.

Great content gives your blog a unique stand that is why giving your best should be a major goal.