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is blogging still profitable


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where everyone on earth who knows a bit about computer and know about making money online wants to make and starts his/her own blog on any topic.

so in this time, is it good to start or work on blog profitable or not.

please do share your experience.



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Definitely, if you are using it for affiliate marketing for a particular niche.

The key is to become the authority in your niche.

I think one of the common mistakes is that most bloggers want to jump straight into monetizing and flood their blog with affiliate links, without laying the foundation first.

If your blog doesn't provide any benefits to your readers, they have zero motivation to use your affiliate links.


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Of course it is, if you do it the right way!

Pick a niche you know good, do not count hours, content is king = provide value to your readers!
Do not think marketing before content value.