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Is Dropshipping Business Dead or Still Profitable in 2020?


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Hello Everyone,

I am looking for Dropshipping Business, and I am also planning to make around 20 websites to earn some money, but I am a little bit confused that Dropshipping is Still profitable in 2020?
Do I need some suggestions from the expert that It is okay to invest some money in dropshipping or Is there new methods?

I have some money I want to invest in a good profitable business. Help me.



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Dropshipping works fine in 2020.

But you have to focus on building a brand more than just a store nowadays. People know what most spammy stores are up to now which makes it harder to do churn and burn stores.

If you want to succeed you will need to do it right as if you were a REAL BRAND.

Takes time and money. But very possible.

It's all about marketing at the end game.


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in the long run youl just get complains about 30 day order times

try find a local supplier in your country and work with them or whatever country specific your targetting


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Have been doing dropshipping for a while now. and i must say its profitable. send me a private message if you want to know how i have been making $5,000 monthly with it.
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I'm also interested in learning this business. anyone here can help me with e-book?
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