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Is Paid Backlinks Good for my website?


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Hi All,
I have a question regarding paid backlinks. If I purchase some backlinks for my company that will worth or not. This is the first time I am thinking about to purchase backlinks but I am a little confused that paid backlinks will worth it or not. Please put the comments if anybody has experience of paid backlinks.


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You shouldnt do it mate

I did a search on my banklinks with Semrush and all paid links were listed as red. That particular website had a big fall in seo and i could not explain it. Checking the backlinks, i have noticed that a "submit link website" where i paid 30 euro for a link (very powerful website) had generated over 100k links to my website in 1 month. 100k links. They had websites all over the planet and each website was adding my website and it was like a printer printing links.

It looked very un natural because the month before i had about 1200 great links & now i had over 100k links. So i decided to disavow that particular domain. The site is back in the top.

Was disavowing that website the solution? Not sure. But the website has recovered after it.

You need natural links if you are planning to last in business for long. Quick paid links can give you a great boost but then you can lose it after you start hiring people and spending money in equipment thinking that you are doing great. Then in 1 morning you wake up to find your website on page 3000