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TrustChange is a scammer


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How i was scam

I will advice everyone to stay away from this serial scammer. I sent him 250euro via moneygram some days back to buy bitcoin. He pick up the money the moment i sent him the details. But he has refuse to send me my bitcoin since then. given me one excuse to another. telling me it will take 48hours to receive bitcoin, but its more than 60hours now and no sign of bitcoin and he's not replying my messages on whatApp anymore.

Dont send your gift card to him, Dont send your money to him. He 's a scammer.

Below is some of the scammer details

Phone number : +380 68 729 6783

WhatsApp: +380 68 729 6783

Telegram: @TrustChange

Localbitcoin Profile : https://localbitcoins.com/accounts/profile/TrustChange/

Paxful Profile : https://paxful.com/user/TrustChange

Some of the names the scammer is using to scam people

First name - Іgor, Last name - Vasilenko, Country - Ukraine

First name - Anatolii, Last name - Bishik, Country - Ukraine

First name - Larisa, Last name - Mekshun, Country - Ukraine

First name - Liudmila, Last name - Andronova, Country - Ukraine

C29 915 First name - Tamara, Last name - Bulash, Country - Ukraine
First name - Sergii, Last name - Skripko, Country - Ukraine