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How to increase Blog traffic?


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How to increase traffic? my website getting ranking on 1st page in top 5 but not getting more traffic. our website related to website designing and development. thanks


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To Increase traffic to your website you should follow these techniques:
1. Social bookmarking
2. Forum postings
3. Participating in question and answer websites
4. Blog creation and blog commenting
5. Guest posting
6. Image sharing
7. Article/classified submissions
8. Document/Video submissions
9. Infographic submissions
10. Web 2.0 submissions
11. Local Business listings
12. Engage with social media networks...etc


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There is a number of ways to increase traffic. First of all, you should decide which types of traffic you want like organic or paid. As you said your website is on the first page but you are not getting adequate traffic means the keyword you got ranked may have low search volume. Second, your meta tags description may be not so catchy that encourage people to click on your link.

And you can also
open a facebook group

YouTube video of trending topic direct them to your site